Translator, writer, podcaster and educator based in Bogota


I have over 20 years' experience researching and translating a huge range of topics for private, academic and business clients. My philosophy is that if your original work was written by a human, then its translation deserves to be written by a human too, so I don't use computer-assisted translation or machine translation tools; if you come to me for a translation, I'm the one who does it!


I provide online and face to face interpreting services for meetings, conferences, training sessions, etc., and have worked with NGOs, government agencies and businesses.


I began producing podcasts in 2005 for a radio show I was presenting, and since then I've presented and produced content on a wide range of topics. Podcasts are an amazing way to tell stories. They can be accessed just about anywhere, and can be learning or entertainment focussed, or promote a brand, destination, product or service. Podcasts give people a way to express their opinions and get their voices heard!

Editing & Writing

My copywriting, scriptwriting, editing and ghostwriting services help my corporate and NGO clients document, explore and present their content and projects to a broad range of audiences.

Public Speaking

I'm a skilled and accomplished public speaker, and have presented academic papers and commercial and academic workshops at conferences and institutions all over the world.


I managed and trained English teachers at a large university for many years, and I now provide educational consultancy, curricular reform and teacher training services at all levels of education.